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Bente Diemer

Just a recap of all the stuff I do

With over 10 years of experience working with the Nebu suite, Bent-e is able to solve complex situations and know how to make the most out of the Nebu software. Bent-e specializes in questionnaire scripting using Dub InterViewer, is able to help out with Panelmanagement in Dub Knowledge and setting up your CATI environment. Clients have come to know Bent-e as providing swift high-quality solutions and personal contact, combined with attractive pricing. Bent-e is ready to help you out outside office hours (evenings and weekends), on short notice.

  • I do:
  • ...scripting
  • ...panel management
  • ...sample management
  • ...set up your call centre
  • ...designing websites
  • ...and some other stuff
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